Membership charges
with effect from 1st April 2018, and valid until March 31st 2019.


Click here to download the charges list.

The Midland Gliding Club levies various charges that reflect the costs of running its activities. The main charges paid by all flying members are the following:

  • an annual subscription, that covers airfield, BGA affiliation, club house and administration costs;
  • an annual flying fee that covers the cost of maintaining the club’s aircraft for club members’ use;
  • launch fees for each flight that cover the associated costs – for winch launches, these are our professional winch driver’s salary, and winch and workshop costs; for bungee launches, fees cover wear and tear on the equipment.

Junior Members benefit from mostly half price flying and launching charges and heavily discounted membership rates.

Except on holiday courses (where instruction is included in the course fee), instruction is free to all club members, and those under 21 benefit from half price flying charges and discounted membership.

Other flying and non-flying activities and facilities are paid for by members and visitors as and when they are used.

  • holiday course fees cover our two professional instructors’ salaries and the cost of maintaining the club’s aircraft for course members’ use;
  • charges for our accommodation and in the bar are set to cover costs and return a small profit to the club;
  • our staffed restaurant is independently run and managed.